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A digital Revolution Has Arrived!


60 billion emails are sent every day. 1 billion people around the world are online. Email changed how we communicate, video has been evolving the entire world...specifically people that can easily see it!

Therefore it will be possible that you can send an email in video format (the recipient can easily see and listen to you), rather than common boring text, to anyone on the globe! You will be capable of do video blogging, podcasting, video IM, and live web broadcasting (all from one account if need be)!


The Internet has been evolving in to a place where all media, entertainment and knowledge meet. Today, approximately $2 Billion 12 months has invested in videos online services. The dpi is projected to cultivate to $12 billion in the years to come, as outlined by industry analysts!

The digital age is here now to be. Streaming video is quickly learning to be a standard fixture on many popular websites, and just inside the infancy stage!

The Digital Age brings the greatest paradigm shift which our society has seen. It has slowly crept for us so that everybody is surprised to learn they've searching for life.

Nevertheless the vacation photos that have been sitting in your digicam or mobile phone and every one of the
songs which you downloaded from the Internet are not disappearing. And neither could be the Digital Age. Time Magazine confirmed all the by recently selecting all blogging platforms.0 content creators as his or her "2007 Person of year."

And if you're ready for your new strategy to communicate and online community, streaming video is really a tool you certainly need to have a look at!

Equipping a generation to take its place in digital revolution | Jamie Lee Brett | TEDxWandsworth 

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